Quality oil filtration that protects your equipment and reduces your maintenance costs.

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FILMAX FILTRATION: Your Source for World Class Filtration Systems and Filters

Oils, lubricants, coolants, and other industrial fluids are the lifeblood of your machinery assets.  

Contamination, oxidation, and thermal stresses can age and degrade your industrial fluids, putting your equipment assets at risk for increased maintenance costs and/or premature failure.

Filmax has been the industry leader in industrial fluid filtration and oil maintenance since 1978.  We provide industry-best solutions for electric power, natural gas, industrial, and diesel engine markets.

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Filmax filters are universally compatible with all industry-standard sizes and housings.

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Asset-specific equipment and filters are carefully designed for all filtration needs.

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Custom-designed filtration systems to fit your needs from   3-30 gallons per minute.

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Superior oil filters and filtration systems for natural gas-powered reciprocating engines.

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Side stream filtration systems for superior life extension of diesel engines.

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Oil stability and decontamination for hydraulics and gearboxes.